DIY Laptop Stickers

Wow, it's been a minute!  I'm so sorry for the huge delay in posts, but the past term has been quite hectic.  Fortunately, I'm back with another DIY, since ya girl got a new laptop for Christmas.  Being me, I couldn't resist decorating it, so I made a bunch of these stickers that I'm quite… Continue reading DIY Laptop Stickers

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Back To School: DIY notebook

By Rajini Coore It's that time of year again, filled with the scent of new books, pencils and broken dreams...back to school season.  If you aren't already back at school you're probably trying to enjoy the last two weeks of summer vacation.  We all know back to school is one of the less enjoyable times… Continue reading Back To School: DIY notebook

Kitchen Adventures

Kitchen Adventures-Yaki Udon

After trying the magnificence that is Yaki Udon at Roe, I decided to try DIYing it. As with any DIY I went to Youtube to get a general idea of what to do. This recipe is based on the general idea I gathered from Youtube, slightly modified with the addition of scotch bonnet pepper. Hope… Continue reading Kitchen Adventures-Yaki Udon


10 Things To Do When Bored This Summer

By: Rajini Coore It's finally summer and some of us were so entrenched in school that once we got free time we have no idea what to do with it.  Don't worry, your fav blog has you covered! 1 Have an epic squad day with all your friends. Just get some provisions together, pick a… Continue reading 10 Things To Do When Bored This Summer


Health and Beauty:Skincare

Contributed by Shanteh Foster and K-Cyanne Beckford SKIN WEEK 2 Hi!   It’s a lovely morning with the church bells and praise in the air like -heeeyy. The sun’s not out, a bit of hurricane-like breeze. Everything is grand...then I look down on my hands I was using to write my Literature study notes...can you… Continue reading Health and Beauty:Skincare


DIY Supermud Inspired Face Mask

By Rajini Coore CAPE and CSEC are fast approaching which means we all have at least one small stress breakout.  Everyone knows that breakouts can be combated with a face mask like the ones from glamglow.  But not everyone has the means to buy a Glamglow mask, I mean do you have a spare $70… Continue reading DIY Supermud Inspired Face Mask