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6B Survival Guide

By The Class of 2018 Congrats on getting into 6th form! Chances are you're here because of your excellent CSEC grades (or whatever exams you do in your country).  You've got a huge year ahead of you, so be prepared to really give it your all.  We, the class of 2018, having experienced 6B already,… Continue reading 6B Survival Guide

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How to Survive Highschool: 11 Tips for First Formers

By Rajini Coore So you finished GSAT and got into highschool (hopefully the one of your choice) and with school starting next week it's no surprise that you may be feeling both nervous and excited.  As someone who's about to enter their final year of highschool, I know exactly what it's like to be in… Continue reading How to Survive Highschool: 11 Tips for First Formers

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Back To School: DIY notebook

By Rajini Coore It's that time of year again, filled with the scent of new books, pencils and broken dreams...back to school season.  If you aren't already back at school you're probably trying to enjoy the last two weeks of summer vacation.  We all know back to school is one of the less enjoyable times… Continue reading Back To School: DIY notebook