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Hi and welcome to the newest addition to the blog!  We decided to kick off this segment with The 1975, British indie pop-rock group.  Hope you enjoy!



The 1975 – Band of the Month June Edition

by Kajamba Fitz-Henley and Rajini Coore

Matthew Healy, affectionately known to just about everyone as “Matty” (NOT “Matt”), is the eccentric front man of the unapologetically authentic ‘pop-rock’ band, The 1975. In his own words Matty was born ‘white and middle-classed’ to parents, Tim Healy and actress Denise Welch in Newcastle, England. However, he grew up in Cheshire and attended the Wilmslow High School where he met the other three members of the band, Adam Hann, Ross MacDonald and George Daniel. They covered punk rock songs in a local club and played small gigs through their teenage years. Eventually the band took to writing their own music, creating an eclectic and refreshingly different sound. Their music is reminiscent of indie rock with a mix of reformed pop and vintage jazz. It makes for a beautifully original sound with hints of nostalgic sentiment.

The 1975 released “The 1975”, their first self-titled and self-produced album, in 2013. It topped the UK Top 40 Chart in under a week. The second album, I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it, was inspired by an affectionate note Matty left for George as he slept. This album topped not only the UK Charts but also the US Billboard 200, producing two of the band’s major hits, Love Me and Somebody Else. Their other hits such as Sex, Girls, UGH! and Chocolate along with the rest of the band’s music, form a reflection of the lads’ lives and their unique tastes, as well some rather creative and astute pieces of social commentary.

Healy is the band’s lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, Hann, the lead guitarist, MacDonald the bassist and Daniel, the drummer. Hann, MacDonald and Daniel also provide backing vocals. The four men are often described by Healy himself as “a bunch of emotional teenage girls” (much like their fans) who are just “too close to fight”. Playing together since 2002, the band is virtually inseparable. Their relationship with their fans is marked by appreciation, candor and amusing interactions. Healy hoards the band’s fan-mail during tours, describing it as similar to carrying around “a load of teenage angst in a bag”, in the place of his own emotional baggage.

Matty Healy definitely is an eccentric character, a perfect reflection of The 1975 and their unique musical style, stealing our hearts with his awkward brand of cool and soul shaking lyrics.

Now that you know so much about the lads, here’s a convenient list of our favourite songs by them, organized according to occasion.


Nostalgic Backdrop to Squad Adventures

  • Robbers, the melancholic keening chords in the opening make us fondly remember that time when squad broke into a convenience store and barely escaped with our lives. I’m kidding but you know what I mean xD. Perfect for road trips and crying yourself to sleep.

  • You/Milk, the upbeat tune and poppy feel of these songs just reminds me of having the best time with friends, without a care in the world. As long as you don’t realize he’s talking about a weird relationship and a cocaine addiction respectively. By the way, the 5 minute gap of silence between the songs is intentional, not your player crashing.

  • Chocolate, another song that just reeks of carefree teenage fun. Doesn’t take itself too seriously, just like we all should. Perfect to scream along to with friends in the car, just make sure you don’t distract the driver too much.

A Heckin’ Bop

  • UGH!, the funky beat and catchy lyrics just make you want to get up and dance. Never mind your complete lack of coordination. Plus, the video is completely adorable, with Matty dancing just as awkwardly as you probably are but managing to look highly sophisticated while doing it. Again, this song is about battling addiction and how drugs make you a bit of an ass but still a major bop.

  • Love Me, the biggest bop on ILIWYS, I guarantee it will have you singing the guitar riffs and dancing right along to it in the shower. A scathing commentary on the superficiality of popular culture and social media, packaged as an almost ironically stereotypical pop video. Complete with drunken dancing and cardboard celebrities, the video is just extra enough to make its point without being entirely corny. Love Me is the perfect example of the band’s articulate, social commentary-esque lyrics, and set against the brash, bold instrumentals is unique and extremely enjoyable.

  • Girls, with its catchy lyrics and funky beat are everything you could want in a song. The wicked guitar will have you dancing along to it as you brush your teeth, wash dishes etc. The tongue in cheek lyrics only add to Girls’ appeal.

Belongs on an Indie Film Soundtrack

  • Sex, the perfect song for the guy who’s pining for the unavailable heroine of the film (think Sam and Charlie from Perks of Being a Wallflower). The upbeat guitar riffs in the opening take on a melancholic undertone toward the end, as he realizes she will never be his (this is how I interpreted the song) while the saucy lyrics hide longing behind bravado. The epitome of unrequited teenage love whose feels factor is exponentially increased in the acoustic version.

  • Settle Down, the backdrop to the friend group flashbacks. Upbeat tempo and lyrics that make you feel like you should be having 3 am adventures with an eclectic mix of characters. Perfect to play at a squad sleepover

  • So Far (It’s Alright), the perfect background song for that “oddball couple runs around a big city and shares a bonding moment” montage. Lyrics that are witty and sarcastic paired with a simple, catchy tune make for an epic ballad.


  • Fallingforyou straight up had me crying five times in one day the first time I listened to it. Its melody is so beautiful and Matty sounds quite different on this track from the others on the self titled album. Perfect for when you just need to cry and feel all the feelings. What do you mean stop crying? My eyes are just sweating OK!

  • Me also has a rather different sound from the other tracks and is equally as heart rending as fallingforyou. You can literally hear the emotion in Matty’s voice, and his anguish diffuses through your headphones, the perfect accompaniment to your own personal cryfest. Bonus points if you arrange your playlist so the songs “Me”, “You” and “Somebody Else” are in order.

  • Somebody Else is the perfect song to listen to if you’re reading “The Great Gatsby”. It talks about that awkward space between liking someone enough to not want to see them with another, but not enough to actually be with them. Again, it pairs catchy lyrics with an excellent beat for a truly moving tune.

  • Nana is literally about Matty’s dead grandma so obviously it qualifies for the feeeeelllsss category. This one also made me cry because you can tell how much Matty loved his Nana. This is one of the most personal songs on the album and pairs the sad lyrics with soft acoustic guitar to achieve full tear jerking potential.

  • She Lays Down is also another moving tune, about Denise Welch’s struggle with depression. Part of its tear jerker appeal comes from the fact that Matty seems on the verge of tears when he’s singing it. Indispensable for those sad, lonely nights.



We hope you enjoyed learning about Matty and the lads and that you check out a couple of their songs.  Come back soon to see more bands of the month!

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