Cheap Ways to Have Fun This Summer

By Rajini Coore

Summer is the time of year when we can relax, kick back and spend time doing what we love most- spending money.  Between shopping for summer clothing, travel and going out with friends, freedom can get very expensive.  It can get hard having to decline invitations because you can’t afford to spend the money.  Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can save money while still having fun and they’re all pretty simple.  Stay tuned to find out!

1. Go to movies on “two for one day”

Many movie theatres have specific days where you can get one movie ticket for half price.  We all know movies are expensive so take advantage of this deal.  Also don’t forget to check out concession stand combos, they’re often great value for money.  If you’re in Kingston (Jamaica), Palace Cineplex has a two for one special for the 8:30 show on Mondays and for the 5:30 show on Tuesdays.

2. Get the “sub of the day” from subway

Or get the special of the day from your favorite fast food restaurant.  In Jamaica subway is pretty expensive, but the sub of the day and combo of the day specials are excellent value for money.  Your favorite sit down dining restaurants may also have lunch specials for reasonable prices so be sure to check those out.  Also, since a foot long sub is cheaper than buying two six inch subs you can split the cost with a friend.  Save money, don’t be hungry!

3. Ask for separate cheques when you go out to eat.

If you like going to restaurants with friends, its always a good idea to request separate cheques. That way everyone can pay what they can afford without feeling awkward.

4. Check out the clearance or sale sections at your favorite stores

Looking for summer entertainment/clothing?  Don’t discount the clearance sections of stores.  Sometimes you can find the coolest stuff there for very low prices.  At clothing stores, be on the lookout for pieces you can upgrade or modify.  Oftentimes, clothing on the clearance rack is out of style or slightly damaged, so make sure you actually have a vision for a piece when you buy it or else it would just be a waste of money.

5. DIY trendy clothing or accessories

If you’re artistically inclined or good with your hands consider DIYing trendy items instead of buying them.  Chances are these things will not be as trendy come next year so why spend a hefty chunk on it if you’re on a budget?  YouTube is a great resource for these kinds of projects and you can find a video to suit any taste.  Remember those jeans you bought from the clearance rack? Cut them into shorts and add your own personal touch!  Plus nothing beats the satisfaction of people complimenting your outfit/ accessories and being able to say “Thanks I made that!”

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