Must Read Webcomics

By Jared Hall

My favorite webcomics in no particular order, because actually ranking them would kill me.  Enjoy!

Ava’s Demon

“Ava’s Demon is just breathtaking. Its art in my opinion is probably the most fantastic on this list. It generally updates 10 panels twice a week but as of now it is not extremely consistent, even so you can always count on a stellar animation at the end of every chapter. This story is far from done, each character introduced seems to already have their own hidden agendas yet to be resolved. This is only the beginning and there are still many planets to visit and new characters to meet. It updates 10 or so panels a week.” 

WARNING: This comic has some mature scenes.

-Updates every Thursday

Monster Pulse

“Oh my god. This comic is awesome. Never before have I ever seen a comic so realistic about a teenager’s life and experience and never afraid to ask its characters the tough questions. Keep in mind that this story is about monsters made from body parts. The development of the characters in this story is so real and natural that you truly feel for them by the end of it. This is one of the few webcomics where the art did not matter to me at all (though it does get considerably better), the story was enough. It updates three days a week.” 

WARNING: This comic has some mature scenes.

-Updates Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Gunnerkrigg Court

“This story is very difficult to describe without spoiling. I’d say thematically, it would be like a crossbreed between Harry Potter and Princess Mononoke. The story is… probably one of the best I’ve ever seen. If you have any interest in mythology, particularly folk tales and native american myth, this comic is perfect for you. On the flip side, if you have any interest in science fiction and philosophy, this comic is also perfect for you. The art starts off a bit…wonky, but it gradually improves until its at a master class level. Later chapters will also explore the idea of how a comic page can be laid out, portraying scenes and events that just wouldn’t be possible in any other medium.”

-Updates Monday, Wednesday, Friday


“The designs of everyone in this story, from the spirits and ghosts to the humans, are colorful and their expressions are unique and funny to look at. This comic is actually extremely hilarious too, (seriously you will die of laughter) but I am putting it on this list because of its action, character development, art and supernatural setting which put it, in my opinion, over other comedy webcomics. The art is at a professional level, but even it evolves and improves over time.”

-Updates Tuesday, Friday


“Unsounded is by far one of the greatest webcomics I have ever read. I has everything a good webcomic strives to have: an amazing art style, a steady schedule that never falters and updates that happen three days a week all that added to a worthwhile story and great characters. Give it a try, you won’t regret it.


WARNING: This comic has some mature scenes.

-Updates Monday, Wednesday, Friday

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