10 Things To Do When Bored This Summer

By: Rajini Coore

It’s finally summer and some of us were so entrenched in school that once we got free time we have no idea what to do with it.  Don’t worry, your fav blog has you covered!


Have an epic squad day with all your friends. Just get some provisions together, pick a date and someone’s house and have fun! You can play board games, video games, watch movies, make movies, or just roam outside if you live in a gated complex. It’s cheap and fun, just add friends.


Go get sushi with a couple of friends. This one is a little more expensive, but it’s for when you want to celebrate your newfound freedom by being boujee. A great excuse for squad to dress up and act fancy at a nice restaurant. This is also a great alternative for those who don’t have a ball or prom, or those who don’t want to go to ball or prom.


Earn some money! This doesn’t even necessarily mean getting a formal job, it can be as simple as setting up a lemonade/ crafts stall in your front yard. Check your area for any establishments that host sales of this sort, like Bookophilia’s used book/ jumble sale on June 25th. Alternatively, make your mom happy and have a yard sale. This is a great way to get rid of old stuff you don’t use while earning more money to buy more stuff you may or may not use… well, you get my drift. Sort through your things, get a couple of tables and chairs and put out a notice on social media or in the paper. This is also a good thing to do with friends and family.


Learn to play an instrument. Seriously. You can use the money you earn from the yard sale to buy the instrument, guitar is a great option for this. You don’t even necessarily need lessons because YouTube has a multitude of tutorials from which you can learn the basics. If you already know the basics, learn to play your favourite song. This is a productive and fun way to stay occupied this summer.


Make that recipe you’ve been dying to try. If you watch the Food Network and Tastemade’s Snapchat stories religiously and always want to try them but never have time, this is your chance! Just make sure your parents are OK with you using knives, stoves etc, depending on your age.


Start a blog or YouTube channel. If you have a particular interest in something, why not share it with the world? Starting a blog is probably the easiest of the two, since all you need is a computer with internet and a camera. You can involve your friends and make comedy sketches and funny videos on youtube. Who knows, you could become huge, especially since so many YouTubers started their careers with a video they made when bored. Don’t get discouraged if your view count isn’t high, just be patient and publish a lot of content to get noticed. Don’t forget to promote yourself on all the social media.


Watch classic movies/those movies you’ve always wanted to see. You can do this alone or with friends. Especially good for people going to college or boarding school in September, talking about movies is a great conversation starter and also makes you sound worldly especially if you can talk about classic works of cinematic art.


Read more! Doesn’t matter what you like to read but just google reading lists for your age group and you’re bound to find something you like. Or you can check out our book reviews (hint, hint) for books that are not so common.


Have a marathon Skype call with your friends. Just call them up one agreed upon evening and see how long you can stay up. Conversations get real deep after midnight so be prepared to learn some deep, dark secrets. All in all, it’s a good bonding experience.


Stay up long enough that you see the sunrise. Or wake up at sunrise and watch it. This is actually such a cool experience and what better time to do it than summer when you have no obligations. Another thing to do at dawn is go for a walk if you can, it’s cool and refreshing and the air is way cleaner than it is in the evening.

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