Kitchen Adventures

Fruit Pops Recipe

By: Rajini Coore

It’s finally summer and the temperatures are soaring.  Naturally we all want to reach for a cool frozen treat but we also want to keep that “eat healthy” new years resolution… What to do?  Make these all fruit Popsicles of course!  They’re easy to make with whatever fruit you have on hand and so refreshing and delicious.  Not to mention, all natural, have no sugar added and are dairy free.  Plus they’re basically free if you have fruit trees in your yard.  Stay tuned to learn how to make them 🙂

Ingredients and Materials

  1. Fruit of your choice
  2. Water or juice
  3. Magic bullet or any blender
  4. Popsicle molds or paper cups and Popsicle sticks

Step 1

Chop and peel the fruit if necessary and put it into the blender or magic bullet.  I used half a large mango and roughly 10 large frozen strawberries to fill 6 Popsicle wells.  You can use any fruit you have but it’s best to use fruits that make a thick purée if you’re going to layer the colours as I did.  If the fruit blends too thin, you’ll have to freeze the layers separately to get the same effect.  Berries, mango and other summer fruit work well for this.

Step 2

Add a bit of water or juice and blend with the cross blade if using a magic bullet.  Blend until fruit is a thick purée.

Step 3

Spoon purée into molds.  Alternate colours to get that Instagram worthy marble effect.  If you used frozen fruit, place that at the bottom as the base layer.

Step 4

Clean up any spilled puree.  Freeze for at least 2.5 hours and enjoy!

Tips and Tricks

  •  Use brightly coloured fruit like strawberries, kiwi, papaya and mango for high contrast swirls or use varying shades of similar colours for an ombre pop.
  • Use as many or as few flavors as you’d like.
  • Make a large batch for the perfect summer snack to share with friends.
  • Those of legal age can add alcohol to spice things up and make this a fun party treat.
  • Using fruit juice adds extra flavor and variety.
  • You can do this with your favorite fruit juices, but to get the marble/multicolour effect, freeze each layer separately.
  • For a less healthy surprise, put gummy candy into the Pops before freezing.

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